Meet MD Ana Fit

Our brand is truly formulated & backed by a team of medical professionals. Our brand understands the importance of living an active lifestyle and fueling her body with the best ingredients.


In a world full of misleading supplements, MD Ana Fit became passionate about finding trustworthy, all-natural supplements which could fit the needs of active women everywhere. Find balance, convenience, high quality, and great taste in our products.

Built on trust.

MD Ana Fit places a high value on the integrity of not just our products, but how they are sourced and produced. We have partnered with Organic Valley to ensure that our protein powders are non-GMO, organic, all-natural & sourced from grass fed, pasture raised cows. We feel a deep responsibility to provide both humans and animals respect by only working with trustworthy farmers and giving back to our communities through philanthropy work. We have access to cutting-edge technology and top-notch scientists and doctors who have formulated products that provide true nutrition for your body, helping you live your life to the fullest.

Sourced from the finest organic farms

MD Ana has natural ingredients sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed, happy cows. We believe in the quality of life, which results in products sourced from hormone-free animals. We have the highest quality supplements because we use the highest quality of resources.